24 July 2011

how to downgrade mac os from lion to snow leopard

step 0, suppose you have a fully time machine backup
step 1, insert snow leopard installation dvd into mac and rebook it.
step 2, when boot screen show up, press and hold "C"
step 3, snow leopard installation menu will show up, on toolar choose restore from time machine.
step 4, in the time machine choose your latest backup from list, click next and next.
after 3~4hours, your mac will back to SL.
the reason why I downgrade mac os is globalscan iscsi not support lion, or because lion change api , not compatiable with original softwares. 
the second reason is my cannon dpp is not working neither. 
the third reason is lion full screen apps which seems like not support duo monitor. full screen apps is always 'full screen' on one monitor.
the four reason is because in 5 min I found the above three bugs, I feel lion is like vista 2. 

luckily, I have timemachine. after 4 hours restore, my mac back to alive with my iscsi target.

Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)

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Anonymous said...

someone said that if you have a mac with lion pre-installed, you cannot boot with snow leopard. source: http://www.macminicolo.net/macmini2011