13 June 2011

blender voodoo 3 motion tracking

Voodoo and Blender is free(Open Source) tool for 3D animation and video.
Last two days, I try to play with this two tools. Although Blender offer great tutorials for beginners, but they are not practical for me.
I want something quick. I dont want to spend too much understand all the tools. I just want to know what I need to solve my problem.
Thanks, Youtube. there are a lot of nice tutorials.
such as

check the video.
but the problem is blender 2.57 UI is big difference with 2.49. it is not good for beginner.
I waste half day on "converting" all tutorial from 2.4 to 2.5. It always better keep using same version blender as tutorial.
So you are sure the tools are works. what I learned:
1. Voodoo blender python scripts is not full working on blender 2.5. it is better export python blender script to version 2.4.
2. If you try to render in quicktime format with RGBA, my blender 2.5 just crash.
3. disadvantage of 2.4. my footage doesnt show correctly in 2.4. but it show correct in 2.5. e.g. my footage is 29.97 fps, in total it is 165 frames. but it doesnt show right in 2.4.

the last thing is that, you still need adobe after effect to process final step.
Blender cannot merge animation layer and my footage. I hope there are some opensource tools or blender plugin can handle this. that would be perfect.
At the end, with the two tools, user can create greate 3d animation with their own footage. I am very happy with these tools.

Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)

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