21 April 2011

NAS QNAP TS-212 review part1

Recently, I got one NAS QNAP TS-212 with 2tb *2 samsung harddisk. 
it took around half hour to install the harddisk. but it is quite easy to do it. 
after around two weeks, I am quite satisfy with it. 
now I will briefly list all the pros and cons which I think. 
1. quiet, very quiet compare with deskpc. 
2. energy. it cost 13 watt in operation, 6 watt on sleep.
3. speed. copy file from nas to pc or mac. the speed can reach my router top speed. I have router 100Mbits/second= around 11MB/s. you can play HD video directly via AFP, windows network service. with wifi connection. No problem for stream HD video. very fast. 
4. simple web server with php, mysql. with python,etc.I have installed some php program but I dont have a lot of time to play with it. 

1. 256MB memory, not upgradeable. it sounds same strategy as apple(ipad, iphone), want more memory,pay more money. IT S STUPID!!!!. 
2. low speed cpu. for heavy works. when I upload large photo to my gallery3, the gallery3 become very slow. it take 80~90% cpu for cache new photo. if reduce the upload photo size, the gallery3 become much faster.
3. less USB ports, no esata port. 

at the end, NAS is neither pc nor server. it is a thin client for share files and data. It is ideal for share music, foto, video with family and friends. of course. it can do more jobs than this. you should be aware you looking for a network harddisk with extra functions or you are looking for a pc which can do more jobs.



Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)

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