18 September 2010

The following are the steps for configuring the FTP on Windows 7 with Filezilla :
  1. The first time you have to change the admin password to edit>> preferences Administrator>> administrator password.
  2. After that you already have an FTP server running on Windows 7.
  3. You could use a manual connection or filezilla FTP client. To proceed you need a newly created user in the different FTP server admin, for safety.
  4. The users simply Agregat icon you in this case the user is Opensys and the key is opensysblog, add a password and give permissions to a folder in the Shared Folders menu, look for it and give read / write permissions.
  5. Save the changes and we tested.
  6. Start>> Run>> cmd, type ftp localhost "or the ip of the machine".
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Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)