27 August 2010

MapProxy Project for Accelerating your WMS

There are a few Open Source WMS caching proxys that are freely available for anyone to download and use. GeoWebCache and TileCache have been the two leaders in the MapCache game for a while now. The problem with these is that they only output WMS-C which most WMS readers can't read. MapProxy can ingest WMS, TMS and KML thenspit it back out as a valid WMS service so that ALL modern GIS clients can read it.
I just setting up OSM into Tilecache as TMS.
From above information, I think I need mapproxy, if i want to turn the TMS into WMS


Features of MapProxy

MapProxy acts as a WMS, TMS and KML server. It does not render any data itself but delegates requests to other server. It stores all responses and reuses that cached data for further requests. It can requests data from WMS and TMS clients.
MapProxy supports:
MapProxy can:
  • accelerate existing WMS
  • reproject to other SRS (i.e. cache in EPSG:4326, requests in EPSG:31467)
  • combine individual map layers from different WMS services
  • hide the origin WMS servers
  • fill caches dynamic, in advance or both
  • add watermarks and/or attributions to all responses

Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)

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