19 June 2010

Steve Jobs broke his promise: Mac mini is not the most affordable mac

As everybody knows, Apple computer is always more expensive than other brand computers.
For my understanding, one is Apple's creative and cool hardware design; another one is you are paying for one smart operating system which little smarter than Windows OS and Linux OS.

The CEO of Apple , Steve Jobs, said Mac mini is the most affordable mac which they ever can deliver/ produce. it was in 2006, and it cost 499 USD.
now today, Apple selling Mac mini in euro at 799EURO. It seem like Apple has different defition of ''affordable''.

Actually, I am one mac mini user. I bought one last year, it was 599 euro. now with 200 euro what you can get.
a little faster cpu, a little bigger memory , a bigger harddisk, with some extrac feature, one SD card reader and HDMI,
if we look on the market, 800 euro you can get some pc have same level performance as mac pro, in my opinion.
Mac mini is not the most affordable mac any more.
I think macbook even better than mac mini. If want to get a mac, I will go to macbook.

Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)

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