10 June 2010

new book: PostGIS in Action $29.99

today, I saw there is new postgis book going to publish. it cost $29.99 for ebook
book information

Manning Early 
Access Program
PostGIS in Action

Regina O. Obe and Leo S. Hsu

MEAP Began: May 2009
Softbound print: September 2010 | 425 pages 
ISBN: 9781935182269

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Table of Contents         Resources 
PART I - Learning PostGIS 
 1. What is a spatial database? - FREE 
 2. Geometry types - AVAILABLE 
 3. Data modeling - AVAILABLE 
 4. Geometry functions - AVAILABLE 
 5. Relating two or more geometries - AVAILABLE 
 6. Special reference system considerations - AVAILABLE 
 7. Working with real data - AVAILABLE 

Part 2 Putting PostGIS to work 
 8. Techniques to solve spatial problems - AVAILABLE 
 9. Performance tuning - AVAILABLE 

Part 3 Using PostGIS with other tools 
10. Enhancing SQL with add-ons - AVAILABLE 
11. Using PostGIS in web applications - AVAILABLE 
12. Using PostGIS in a desktop environment - AVAILABLE 
13. PostGIS WKT Raster - AVAILABLE 

Appendix A Additional resources - AVAILABLE 
Appendix B Installing, compiling, and upgrading - AVAILABLE 
Appendix C SQL primer - AVAILABLE 
Appendix D PostGreSQL features - AVAILABLE


Whether you're canvassing a congressional district, managing a sales region, mapping city bus schedules, or analyzing local cancer rates, thinking spatially opens up limitless possibilities for database users. PostGIS, a freely available open-source spatial database extender, can help you answer questions that you could not answer using a mere relational database. Its feature set equals or surpasses proprietary alternatives, allowing you to create location-aware queries and features with just a few lines of SQL code.

PostGIS in Action is the first book devoted entirely to PostGIS. It will help both new and experienced users write spatial queries to solve real-world problems. For those with experience in more traditional relational databases, this book provides a background in vector-based GIS so you can quickly move to analyzing, viewing, and mapping data. Advanced users will learn how to optimize queries for maximum speed, simplify geometries for greater efficiency, and create custom functions suited specifically to their applications. It also discusses the new features available in PostgreSQL 8.4 and provides tutorials on using additional open source GIS tools in conjunction with PostGIS.


  • An introduction to spatial databases
  • The basics of geometry types, functions, and queries
  • Ways to solve real-world problems
  • Methods to extend PostGIS to web applications and desktop environments


Regina Obe and Leo Hsu are a wife and husband team of database specialists who have been actively involved in the PostGIS community since 2002. Regina is a member of the PostGIS core development team and the Project Steering Committee. Their company, Paragon Corporation, was founded in 1997 and has provided database and GIS solutions for a broad range of clients. They also host two sites: BostonGIS.com and PostgresOnline.com.


"What truly unifies this book is the clarity and purpose of writing. Wherever the subject matter becomes abstract or difficult to grasp the authors have gone to great lengths to break the problem down into attainable steps, providing clear and patient guidance throughout."
Mark Leslie, Software Architect, LISAsoft Pty Ltd

"This book addresses a problem I have run into repeatedly in my consulting work: educating database professionals (DBAs, developers, etc.) on working with spatial data in a manner that they are familiar with. The authors are extremely knowledgeable about database technologies of all kinds and it comes through here."
William Dollins, Senior Vice President, Zekiah Technologies, Inc.


This Early Access version of PostGIS in Action enables you to receive new chapters as they are being written. You can also interact with the authors to ask questions, provide feedback and errata, and help shape the final manuscript on the Author Online


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Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)

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